Chemical Peels

At Advanced Hair Removal & Skin Institute we pride ourselves in the ability to enhance each client’s skin to reveal a healthier, more youthful appearance. Our facility offers a wide range of peels for men and women. This way we can customize the treatment for the wide range of skin types and concerns we encounter. Following an in-depth consultation, each client is given a recommendation as to the most appropriate treatment plan as well as at-home regimen. Our clinicians have found that the at-home regimen is critical to the success of the overall treatment.

Of course, just one peel will allow your skin to glow…but the recommended series of six treatments will reveal the new you. Below is a list of chemical peels that our facility offers as well as the price of each peel. Since we encourage each client to follow through with all six treatments for the maximum benefits, with the prepurchase of the series you will receive the sixth one free. So six peels for the price of five paid at the initial treatment. So call for your complimentary consultation today. We are confident that there is one just right for you!

Chemical Peels Treatment Options:

VI Peel $285.00

Cosmo Peel $150-$350.00

Spot Peel $150-$400.00

Milk (Glycolic) Peel – Face $100.00
Glycolic Peel – Back $100.00
Microdermabrasion/Glycolic Peel $165.00
Salicylic Peel – Face $75.00
Salicylic Peel – Back $100.00
Salicylic Peel – Chest $75.00
Salicylic Peel – Extended
(face,chest,back) $200.00