At Advanced Hair Removal & Skin Institute we exclusively use the Advanced Microdermabrasion System, the only facility in Gainesville to offer this system.  This unique procedure uses specially formulated baking soda crystals (sodium bicarbonate crystals) that are propelled at a high speed across the skin’s surface to efficiently, evenly abrade the skin.  Microdermabrasion also applies a mild suction to the surface of the skin which increases blood flow and circulation throughout the treatment.  This stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to leave your skin feeling and looking younger, fresher!

The advantage of using sodium bicarbonate crystals (baking soda crystals) is that it is completely safe as well as non-irritating.  Unlike other types of microdermabrasion systems, our Advanced Microdermabrasion System allows us to treat the entire face, including lips and just under the eyes.  So whether you are looking for aggressive, dramatic changes in your skin or just to get back that youthful glow, the Advanced Microdermabrasion System is just right for you!

All skincare Consultations are complimentary!

Microdermabrasion – Face
Microdermabrasion – Back
Microdermabrasion – Feet
Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peel
Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment (one hour)
Microdermabrasion Package
(6 Treatments)